Established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2010, and with a capacity of 30,000 kg per month, we specialize in the manufacture of frozen, Ready to Eat Meals.


We ensure our food is healthy, nutritious, balanced and calorie-controlled by purchasing only high quality raw materials, selected before use by our Quality Assurance department. Combining cutting-edge food technology with quality ingredients and traditional recipes, our food technologists capture and preserve the ‘goodness’ that give our products that authentic ‘home cooked’ taste. In our quest to provide our customers with healthy choices, we do not use artificial flavoring, coloring or preservatives in any of our products.

All of our Ready to Eat Meals come pre-cooked and require only heating in a microwave or saucepan for a few minutes. If you are looking for authentic Indonesian convenience food, then you have found the right source.


Our in-house technologists have the capability and experience to custom-design food products to your individual requirements.  You can out-source your needs to Global Foods with confidence.

Global Foods - Frozen Foods



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