Laurige Asia is manufacture of leather products and we’ve been in business for the past 10 years in Indonesia.

Our company specializes in creating personalized hand-made leather products for professionals who wish to enhance their brand image.

Through designing product for major clients such as worldwide luxury hotels and companies, Laurige Asia has been able to prove its experience in creating goods which have been up to the expectations of its clients’ budget and needs.

Your daily activities in your office and your brand image can be enhanced by using high quality products in your work.

Being able to show handcrafted products carrying your brand name can be a great advantage with communication dealings with both individuals and professionals.

We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing a very competent price.


Laurige Asia’s craftsmanship for personalized office leather products will win over your trust, we offer a wide range of colors, quality raw materials and personalized advice. Express yourself through exceptional products thanks to Laurige Asia.

Laurige - Jewelry Tray



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